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This month’s theme on EGL is “Ita to Lolita: transformations” So here is my contribution:


So, as I have mentioned before, my first dress was a Bodyline OP I bought (totally overpriced) at Megacon back in 2010. Yikes. It was several sizes too large, and the detachable sleeves big enough to hide muffins inside them. But I love that shade of blue! [Far left image]

lolita over the years smaller
From left to right: June 2011, July 2012, July 2012, October 2012, May 2013, October 2013

Back in the beginning I relied heavily on Claire’s. I also thought that white knee high socks with lace were a MUST HAVE and put them with every single outfit, complete with matching white ballet flats or, my feet despised this, black mary jane heels. My bodyline was quickly deflating. And for a while there I was intending to switch from Classic to Punk (Hint: It didn’t work. Ripped tights with florals was alright, but my plain tank top and plain black cropped sweater were so….bland…..) So back to Classic and Country it was. It took me a while to realize that cream blouse X cream base skirt was so….empty a canvas, and that socks and accessories really do matter. (I still don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I’m getting there.)

Misc. from 2013?

From July 2014

So! I see a good deal of improvement, although I still have attachments to ankle socks (your mileage may vary) and sleeveless tops (Summer conventions….why)


3-13-14: I read on EGL that Bodyline was having a free shipping promotion, so I went and checked out their inventory and see if anything caught my eye. Onepiece dress L213 was very cute and I had been eyeing it for a while, so I ordered it.

Price: ¥2,999  Shipping (Air mail): Free


4-7-14: Dress received. 4 weeks and 4 days (My last order last year took about 4 weeks to arrive. I don’t believe I did airmail, though)

The dress is cute, just as expected. It just requires a bell-shaped petti…which I don’t have. It looks equally good without any petti or with absolute minimal poof, as a nice sweet floral dress. I was hoping to wear it more himegyaru style but the lace screams sweet Lolita.


The bag was pretty torn up all down one side. Thank goodness they double bag because this could have been bad! This is the local postal system’s fault, but I am still surprised. With all the online shopping I do, I’ve never seen a bag in this condition.

IMG_2262 IMG_2265

Front of the dress and detail of bodice~ Check out that rose lace. It’s on many Bodyline garments. I like it very much.

I’m top heavy and I was able to fit easily in the top, but it does look strained. Take care to wear a tighter bra and watch for too much uniboob.


Sleeve- this polka-dot lace lines the hemline too!!

The sleeves are SERIOUSLY tight and too short. They are dainty little cap sleeves that barely go down my shoulder, which would be fine if it weren’t for the fact that the elastic is both itchy and overly tight. I had deep grooves on my arm after a day of wear ):

IMG_2268 IMG_2267

Back- mmm look at that shirring.



(super quick lazy photo. Mega deflated bodyline petti in use)


The dress doesn’t wow me. It fully meets my expectations, save the sleeves. Seams all around the bodice are pretty itchy, the lace is the usual Bodyline quality. Meh. I like it, I’m going to wear it frequently as a casual dress, not full Lolita. I’m glad I caught it during the no-shipping campaign, since I ended up paying only $30USD for it.

Bottom Line: I would rec this dress to others, but check your measurements thoroughly first and think about if the sleeves will bug you/if you are ready to make adjustments to make them more comfortable.




Have you heard of Lace Market yet?

It’s a brand new site that is a mix between ebay and EGL comm sales. Users can put Lolita items up for auction or just a normal sale. The website itself is just a shiny, pretty way to facilitate payment via paypal, however, so there’s not much difference from Livejournal save the shopping cart and auction options.

I checked it out super casually, just to see what everyone was talking about, only to find a gorgeous OP listed for only $35. I scrolled down to the shipping information and went “waaaait what that’s a zip code from the next town over….” Turns out, the dress belonged to a Lolita from my local comm! I facebook messaged her with some color questions and decided I needed it in my life.

Thank goodness I knew her already and could contact her! When I created my Lace Market account, I typo’d my email address, so I was able to quickly tell her the correct one. She drives over near my school regularly, so we worked out a set date for us to meetup to hand off the dress, thus eliminating any shipping charge.

She seemed happy after I paid the invoice, as this was her first sale on the new website, so she also now can start building up feedback.

Here’s the breakdown:

1/5: Talked with seller, paid invoice, discussed meetup date

1/26: Had intended to meet up with seller downtown to receive dress (delay because our two schedules are very very different)

Now, her schedule shifted, so she promptly texted me like yeaaah I wont be there, would you like me to ship it instead. No charge(!)

Bloo is always so kind and nice <3 I am extremely grateful to her.

The dress in question: Old School Barbie JSK~ Sax

 (Her posted photo)

She said it was handmade (not by her), and despite the more lavender-looking picture, it was a nice baby blue irl. What I didn’t realize was how much is truly required a bell-shaped petticoat….I only have A-line. Whoops.

My photos:

IMG_2198 (Front)

IMG_2199 (Detail around the waist- front)

IMG_2200 (Bodice)

IMG_2202 (Back)

IMG_2204 (Looots of shirring!)

IMG_2203 (Looots of ruffle- back)

IMG_2201 (Random detail from side)

This is very poofy, fluffy, and complicated. Lots of layers and ruffles that need to all be laying in the right direction to look right. It’s very princess and intricate. My only issue is the bows (shown above) and teal vs. the baby blue dress…and stand out quite a lot. Otherwise, I am extremely satisfied with the purchase, given its price and good value.

I don’t know why I keep dragging my heels on this post. Perhaps I’m not sure what tone to use, what light to cast these events in? Certainly, there were some major clunkers but I should instead sit here in awe of what great opportunities this presented me with.


Onto the main attraction: I was in a local fashion show!

994958_630411943663876_1988245742_n[1] 1451600_446855428748681_1794620461_n[1]

So back during Metrocon, some people came up to me after my panel and asked me to be a stylist in their Japanese Street Fashion show. So I started attending committee meetings and fell in love with the group. It’s the J-club of a local college not too far from downtown. I was the stylist, as well as a model, for gyaru. The two models I was working with were so so nice and honestly if I went to that school, they probs would be the people I’d hang out with.

I provided all of the clothing. Those two were dressed in kogal attire, with makeup and hair based off old Egg scans. I tried to emulate the Black Diamond girls, earning myself the nickname “Boots with the Fur.” Other style groups represented were Lolita, Shironuri, Bosozoku, Rockabilly, Visual Kei, and Avant Garde.

So that Saturday, I arrived at the meeting room at 10am. We sat around, got dressed in our outfits (dumb in retrospect. I should have changed juuuust right before hair and makeup. I was so sweaty after rehearsing and helping setup), and ended up killing time for hours. We practiced our walks and skits with music and helped arrange tablecloths and decorations for tables in the ballroom.

Around 1pm the hair and makeup crew from a local cosmetics school arrived, set up their gear on some tables, and got to work. It was a free-for-all essentially. Stand in a huddle and get your look finished by 5pm. As stylist, I hopped around, observing my two models, providing reference photos and making comments to the stylists before getting my own hair and makeup done. It took hours getting everyone ready- we finished just in time for a brief dress rehearsal on stage.


(My makeup looks alright in this pic, save the ridiculous plastic, untrimmed false lashes, but tbh I could have done better myself. Next year, should I do gyaru again, I will do the makeup for myself and my models. This woman had a hissy fit bc she couldn’t find her pencil sharpener and couldn’t figure out how to use liquid liner. Whut.)

For some unknown reason, the actual show started an hour late. A dance team from another college and a martial arts group gave presentations before we hit the stage. After us there were taiko drummers, a performance by Chii Sakurabi, more dancers, and a Vocaloid hologram concert. All this and a provided dinner for a free event! I was asked to help serve food once my segment was over, so I used it as a chance to scope out the crowd. I saw an internet friend, girls from the local loli group, and a Lolita wearing an Atelier Enchanteur (Now Belladonna) octopus skirt!

All in all, it was a great experience and I hope this can get me in contact with my next big thing. I hope I can participate again next year. I feel like it was helping and will continue to spur my growth as a gyaru.


My modelling debut

Whenever you try out a new style, it is highly recommended to compile media that inspires you- be it music, pictures, videos, online shops, blogs, etc.. By collecting pictures, you can get a better idea of what exact items you want, what makeup looks to experiment with, and pretty much where to sink your money.

Obviously, I partook in this step months and months ago, but tonight I randomly felt like sharing it. (Wouldn’t this be more apropro on my gyaru tumblr? Maybe. Now shut up)

Part 1

Many people look to magazine models, shop girls, and prominent bloggers as role models, for good reason. Many of them are paid and/or expected by their jobs to be charismatic leaders of each style, always on the cutting edge of trends. It is also fun to follow models of years past, to see the evolution in style.

My muses: Buriteri, Gehako, Akira

Like, do I even have to explain Buriteri? Any old-school enthusiast could point to her as a great icon. I do prefer her a bit over Ka-tan, just because I don’t dig Kanae Watanabe’s new look.

Gehakooooo <3 <3 I love her blog. One of the last prominent manbas and a model for egg <3 Her style is so outlandish but trendy. I saw a pic of her in a school uniform recently that made me fall in love all over again. Her look is harsh and in-your-face compared to new pale models. She’s rocked so many alba rossa- heavy, yarn-dreaded, many-piercinged looks over the years. MAJOR inspo for an aspiring yamamba in 2013.

There was a cool interview with Kera model Akira recently on yt about her gender expression and woooow. I don’t really care much for the boystyle hip-hop looks, but she is just so cool. Charismatic in a detached but graceful and sexy way. She is the epitome of the effortlessly cool individual. Her attitude and presence on the ages draws my eyes to her every issue. It’s no wonder she’s one of the magazine’s most popular models!!

I don’t know their exact names, but gyaru-sa members of the old Angeleek, ViViD, and those new Black Diamond girls are the greatest. I could go on for hours about how I think Bdia is what is eventually going to save Gyaru from total extinction.

Part 2: Music and dancing

My workout/para para dancing playlist, as it stands, is pretty impressive. I love the quick beats and oh goodness Dave Rodgers is wonderful. The lyrics aren’t so important to me as that 90s feel.

I like learning (mega simple) dances, especially to iconic songs like “Night of Fire” and that Angeleek song by Kyon.

Initial D megamixes on youtube have about the same effect. The mixing isn’t always quality but in a pinch when my Ipod is dead, nothing’s better to get me in the gyaru mood.

-Blogging is power. A lot of what we do, on tumblr and egl and wordpress, is all for show. The rush I get anytime a post of mine breaks 100 views is incredible. I try to be objective and stick to the truth but gosh when you know you have an audience, the lengths you’ll go to maintain that attention. So, take what you read online with a grain of salt. People love to post inflammatory opinions, pick fights, and bully others. Just because a post on EGL flames your dream dress doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to like it anymore. If somebody insults your ootd post or laughs at your review, ignore them. They just want their own temporary spotlight.

On the flip side, blogging can be a great way to get connected, find style tips and sales posts, and teach yourself new skills. The power rush it brings, if used for good and not harm, can be mega beneficial.

-Makeup is NOT required. I will be the first to say makeup can make or break a coord. Good makeup skills are important. A little foundation, eyeshadow, eye liner, blush, and mascara sets the tone for an outfit. BUT Lolita is about individual growth and enjoyment. You don’t need to force it if you don’t feel comfortable applying and/or wearing makeup. On the flip side, if you attempt but fail to get the look you were going for, don’t stress out.

For shadocon, I planned on a lavender and plum smoky eye look I had tested out during a himegyaru kind of day. But I overdid it with the plum, overshadowed the lavender highlights, and my black liner smudged. Cleaning it off and starting over was not an option for me. It looked sloppy compared to my usual, and on the day of my panel too!! In addition to my poor hairstyling skills, I was pretty annoyed. In the end, it didn’t matter since the heat melted everything anyway and nobody could tell the difference from the rows of seats in the panel room. Makeup is art. Makeup is fun. Makeup should never be stressful, and if it is, please cut yourself some slack.

It doesn’t matter if your petticoat occasionally shows. Obvs I don’t wear you should make a habit of having a petti too long for your garments, but there’s no petticoat police that will call you out and consider you lesser. Petticoats are annoying. The poke out when you sit, especially in tiny classroom desks, and move around during the day. People walking below on the stairs will see your petti. If you stand up after sitting and need to adjust your skirt, it will show. If your dream dress is a few inches too short on you, it will show. But that’s fine. Enjoy your outfit and don’t feel the need to compulsively check your petti situation too often. Nobody else knows how your Lolita outfit is supposed to look- laugh if off and pretend the revealed petti is a purposeful style choice!


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