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For the very first time, the stars and planets aligned and I was able to attend on Sunday. Now, whether or not it was really worth the extra day is debatable, but I will treat it like a mini victory anyway.


(Left to right: CPK with Shironuri, Karkat, Classic Lolita)

(RANT ALERT: VERY LITTLE INFORMATIVE CONTENT) These are the days when this really is a PERSONAL blog first and foremost.
I will say, however, that this post isn’t going to be as informative as I usually like to be. My con experience has evolved a lot with time: it used to be that I conquered alone, shopping and stopping to take lots of photos. Now, the biggest portion of time is spent chilling with friends (who quite often aren’t in cosplay and leave the con early) and following group plans. I have few pictures beyond of myself. And honestly, I’m getting burned out. This was my 17th convention (all in the span of 4ish years!) and I know what to expect. I’ve never been a panel person and I’m past the “must buy EVERYTHING” stage.

Thus, my weekend was dictated by when my friends were arriving (and my parking situation). I drove myself all three days, a first, and managed to get myself lost once or twice. I learned from my mistakes and found creative detours when crowds and accidents blocked my way.
My panel was on Friday. It was…disappointing. My friends said I did great, but I feel bad anyway. A random guy, identified only as “Steven,” crashed my panel to talk about sushi and boobs :/ I do believe that will be the end of my paneling days. (This is tied in with the gyaru thing) Saturday’s Lolita panel was huge, with 108 in attendance. It was disgusting. She is a terrible public speaker and they are so uppity and I have so few loli friends (gee, with my wonderful personality) and the way they hypocritically were falling over each other to praise Bodyline, when they turned up their nose at it last year…ugh UGH. (My underage friends all avoided Mr. Yan like the plague. I don’t care if he’s behaved thus far this weekend, he still gives us the creeps and I would like people to respect that his track record may be intimidating.)
Sunday wasn’t that great. It was crowded and annoyingly loud and I was done with the con scene but I wasn’t about to abandon the kismesis.


There wasn’t any one fandom represented the most, cosplay-wise, like in previous years. There was barely any hetalia, what felt like minimal Homestuck (although the meetup was decently large. Where were you hiding?), and a handful of SNK. Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventure, that one basketball anime, Free!, and comic characters were common. I saw a surge in kids’ cartoons, such as Disney princess groups and that one fab Danny Phantom group.



A big change was the con configuration. You can feel how much attendance has grown- there will even be a 4th day next year! The vendor room was moved into the larger ballroom upstairs, flip-flopping with special events/autograph track. (It was nice not having autograph lines near the vendors) There were a number of tables in the back of the room, which became out favorite meeting spot. What Pumpkin was in the vendor room, so I bought a Knight of Blood pin. I also bought sea salt ice cream lollipops, a Patlabor CD (dakeshimeta midNIGHT BLUUEEEE), and a necklace. There were two booths selling proper Lolita, but I abstained for the good of my wallet (the weekend’s parking fees probably could have bought a dress argh).

Overall, it was a good con. More organized than, say, Khaotic. Consistent, entertaining, the best hometown con.







(These guys were great!)

I attended Megacon 2012 on Saturday, and was shocked by how much larger it was than last year. For starters, the vendor room was way more than twice the size it had previously been, which caused problems at the entrance. Instead of having the multiple doors open at the center, like last year, they only had one small door open at the very end of the hallway. Needless to say, security didn’t really check for con passes. For most of the afternoon, I sat at a table down that hallway, and people watched.

I arrived a bit before 10 AM, before the con really started. The minute the vendor room opened, it was already filled with people. This startled me, since on Sunday of 2011, I walked in when it first opened, only to be greeted with a nearly empty convention center.

I spent a good hour or so exploring the vendor room, and managed to run into a friend who was (hesitantly) volunteering, managing a line for autographs. Poor girl. My parents were getting tired, so we left and found a nice table and ate some snacks before taking on the artist alley.

Honestly, I got lost in there. Completely and utterly lost. Later, I found out that one of my favorite webcomics was there, but I sure wasn’t in a position to find them! I wandered a bit more, then left and sat at a table again, pretty much staying in one spot until 4 pm. I saw some amaaaaazing costumes, and I saw some that could have used a little more effort. The most popular costumes this year seemed to be from My Little Pony: FiM, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Kiki’s Delivery service, and steampunk coords. I’m sure the costumes became more diverse and adult the later it became, but I didn’t get to stay too long. It seems that steampunk is rising in popularity!

I didn’t attend any panels this year, surprisingly. (Especially after being IN the costume contest last year, and hanging around the panel rooms a bunch) There didn’t seem to be that many at all, and I had already missed the X Japan and H.Naoto panel (Grrrr! Friday only!)

The cool part was meeting up with other Homestuck fans. A tad before 4, I ran over to the meetup area. I saw a ton of great costumes, from Runawaystuck Dave to Bunnygirl Gamzee (Ahhh! So cute!). There were a whole group of Ancestors, God Tiers, and AUs. The most popular new character seemed to be Roxy.

I wanted to stay for the whole photoshoot, but my parents wanted to leave (bluh….my ride home). At first, we were inside the convention center, away from the rest of the crowd, but apparently something else was coming in that space next (I saw a private photoshoot for like 3 people in there, setting up), so hundreds (according to the lovely lady running the meetup, there were 300 Homestucks that attended) of people had to get up and move in a mass exodus. I had mixed feelings, as my wig was slipping off, my makeup melting, and my patience wavering. Between dashes to the bathroom to fix my wig cap and two head bands (horns, matryoshka), I followed the herd to……..the outdoor smoking area.

That’s right, we were brought to a small outdoor area, complete with a charging gold cart and smokers, who really didn’t want to move. The leaders tried to cram us into the space as neatly as possible, avoiding blocking any doors, and hopefully keeping the security guards from approaching us. This utter chaos was the final straw for me. My mom was annoyed, urging me to leave already, and I knew that my costume looked sweaty and less photogenic then it did hours before, so I reluctantly left after staring in the first Karkat group shot. (I laid down on the ground in front of the group :3)

I feel bad because I had to skip the Can Town Project, run by Brittany, but I really had no choice. In the end, I had a great time, however.

(Total loot: 4 mangas, 1 KERA magazine, 1 free Hetalia poster, a ton a cool photos.)

I attended Shadocon for about three or so hours on Saturday, leaving after the big Homestuck photoshoot. I have to say, attendance was way up from last year, but that raised new issues for the venue. There was more people there than the hotel lobby could hold, so most of us hung outside, around the pool. (Last year, I don’t think that many people went outside)

Also, there was a lack of activities and panels. Two scheduled guests cancelled, the vendor room only had 16 vendors, and artist alley barely had 10 artists. Next year, I probably won’t even bother buying a con pass, and just take photos by the pool instead. The sheer mass of con goers overwhelmed the con staff, and I sincerely hope they move to a bigger hotel or work their way up to a convention center in future years. (Whoops, comic con was the same weekend, took up only local convention center. From what I heard, Shadocon was bigger, though)

Once I settled in and met up with some friends, I started enjoying the con more. We found a huge, EMPTY field behind the hotel, and spend a lot of time out there, avoiding the crowds. At 4:13 pm, I returned to the pool area for the Homestuck meetup.

Gosh! That part was so amazing. It was much more organized than any official part of the con, and I was thrilled to be able to jump into some pictures. We posed for just about every pairing ever mentioned in the fandom. I (Matryoshka Karkat) stood out a lot in the group shots since I was not in a canon outfit, but I received a lot of compliments. :) In total, there were only 3 Matryoshkastuck cosplayers (Me, Bro, and Cal).

I got to talk to my friend, who was dressed as Terezi. (She did a fantastic job on the makeup! She also used gray gloves instead of armsocks, and with yellow fake nails placed just right, they looked pretty realistic) I also got to meet a wonderful Dog-Tier cosplayer named Emily who was coerced into the position of leader of the local Can Town Project! I left before I could find out if we’d still take pictures with the cans, though. I hope next con we can collect waaaaay more cans.

Overall, I think that the amount of organization and thought put into fandom meetups is astounding. I enjoyed the convention very much, and I can’t wait for Holiday Matsuri, if I can make it.

Here’s my costume. I also posted pictures of me and matryoshka Bro and Cal on the tumblr for Matryoshkastuck

Warning! Images!

Overall, smaller horns like Karkat’s are very simple to make and don’t require much skill. For anything larger, however, alternate methods must be used. Model magic is too heavy to use for horns any larger than Karkat or Sollux’s smaller horns.

I started with Crayola Model Magic. Using a plethora of reference pictures, I modeled the clay into Karkat’s nubby horns. (I made an extra set in case I messed up)

After shaping them, I set them out to dry for one full day. Make sure to not let the horns get stuck to the drying surface, and periodically rolls them onto a new side. (alternating between on the side and setting them down on the flat bottom.) The goal is to make crack-free smooth, rounded horns.

Once they have hardened enough, it’s time to paint! The acrylic paints I used were Craft Smart Bright Yellow 23672, and JoAnn Craft Essentials 7979693 and 5019526. (For the shade of yellow-orange in the middle, I mixed all three paints together)

I started by painting the whole horn yellow (23672)

Once that layer dried, I used the paint mixture for the middle.

Finally, I painted the darker orange (5019526) on the bottom.

Some people prefer to meticulously paint until the layers are even and neat, while others leave the lines messier. Both styles can be supported by the original webcomic, so either way works.

Depending on the materials used for the horns, and the final looks desired, several different methods can be used to attach the finished horns. The headband method (that is, attaching them to a headband the blends with the wig or hair color) is quite common, but for more elaborate designs, ssometimes cosplayers with attach them to their wigs, tie them to shoelaces or other fabric that is attached to the wig, or using alternate ways to support heavy and unwieldly horns.

I decided to attach my horns to a headband I purchased at Claire’s, using a low-temperature hot glue gun. They stayed on well while I wore the headband, but one horn fell off during the car ride home. Storing your horns safely is very important, so make sure to place them somewhere were they are cushioned or unlikely to be knocked around.

I got to work on my costume today. It looks pretty good considering I just started. I tore up a pair of tights and layered them, and tested out some grey face paint I bought at the party goods store. (I own like three different types of paint now. Oops!)

My old Matryoshka jacket needs a lot of work, but I have some design plans already sketched out. I cut my wig, and styled it to go with the hood.

I’m so excited! The Terezi to my Karkat showed me her WIP costume pictures, and her outfit is amazing.

Now all I can do is chip away at my to-do list, enjoying the new October weather! (Ahh~ I love the sudden drop from 80 to 65-70 degrees)

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