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I attended on Saturday, having rushed like mad to make it in time to watch the Combat Musical, my annual Khaotic tradition.

Well, the musical was lame (I miss the great energy from last year’s cast, Archer was tedious, the groping and sexual humor was overwhelming and not funny, Catwoman’s cat puns, etc…) save the part where M.I.B. agents danced to Michael Jackson songs, but a tradition is a tradition.
At 2pm, I went to the lobby and talked for a long time with my local Lolita comm! We had a nice time and that probably was the least awkward, most friendly meet I have experienced. It was a small group, so after a while we split up, went to talk to a friend in Artist Alley, and occasionally walked around together.

Khaotic was in the usual Sheraton, nbd. I resigned myself to accepting failure with regard to trying to get a panel slot; apparently they ditched the myconsonline site for some other email/online form method without actually informing anybody??? So I missed out on my chance.
There were a TON of Homestuck panels, considering 4/13 is Sunday and all. Otherwise, I ignored the panel schedule, as it was veeeery sparse, per usual. There, in addition to the panels, was the normal screening room, tabletop room, gaming room, and autograph signings. The vendor room seemed smaller than last year, having more people selling odds and ends from their own collections than fulltime vendors. There was not a designated kpop or manga vendor, both staples of most other cons.

I did purchase one thing, however uwu

One of the English GLBS!!! From Autumn 2008. It’s amazing how much Lolita changed from then until 2010, when I came on the scene….


Common cosplays were SNK, hetalia (surprisingly enough), and Marvel characters. I saw a splash of Dangan Ronpa and other recent anime/anime game favorites. The biggest shock, however, was the lack of Adventure Time. For the past year, every con I’ve attended has been flooded with Fins, Fionnas, Bubbline couples, etc… and yet I only saw one Marceline today???
Overall, I had a great time despite the meager programming and sub par organization. I don’t have as much to say this year because I honestly did not see any big changes in feel from last year (I actually stayed longer this year, from 12 to 4:30ish. Last year I showed up for the musical, ate lunch, and left)

Shado and metro seem to be bustling with energy and expansion while Khaotic is stagnant.


It felt good to be back in the Sheration hotel lol. I should feel so attached to it since it’s the small, crowded ones that’s a 45 minute drive from home and has like no good points to it. Aaaand yet I always feel nostalgic. The site of the first two years of Shadocon and Tampa Anime Day, this hotel was a perfect fit for Khaotic Kon.

Last year, it was in the downtown Doubletree, a hotel so small, no con can successfully thrive there. (See: the recent disaster that was Tampa Bay Comic Con, when they refused people entrance because of fire hazard and overcrowding) Khaotic is still a very small con, but seems to be growing (not at the same rate as Shado, however). I liked the location a lot better this year. The line for registration was short, and even the looong line for the combat musical didn’t even touch the lines I’ve seen at Metro for basic panels. It wasn’t too crowded (very few people spilled in the pool area) and beyond the poorly spaced vendor room, I had next to no issue with crowds and finding places to sit. It seems there was a free buffet today? I don’t know, I brought my own food as usual, but it meant the whole café/restaurant area was open for con use and seating.

The combat musical was neat. It continued last year’s story, with some old and some new characters. I probably should have refreshed myself on the plot before watching, but nevertheless I found it entertaining. My friend who accompanied me caught the Code Geass references, while I loved the inclusion of Queen Beryl and Jack Spicer. The fight sequences, although less ambitious than last time, seemed better coordinated and well-rehearsed. I will definitely return next year.

Common cosplays were, as usual, Homestuck and hetalia. A resurgence in Hetalia is evident in the rise of APH themed panels, even outnumbering Homestuck panels. I saw some Off, but I was disappointed at the lack of Dangan Ronpa, given its current internet popularity. I only saw two, maybe three other lolitas all day, but I didn’t expect much from such a small, lesser-known con.

I would have liked to stay and check out the new manga library, but I ran out of time. I used up all my money today, but managed to score two OreImo phone charms (Saori pose 2, Manami), a blind box figurine from OreImo (scowling Ayase), and a CD (Para Para Max Us Mix 1). I’ve been really into OreImo lately because of the second season, plus the enthusiasm of my friend makes me want to rewatch the first season haha.


Ain’t we purty? ;3


I think I may have seen a rise in Pokémon gijinkas, but that may have just been because of the combat musical////

Yesterday  I attended Khaotic Kon for about three hours. At first I didn’t even want to buy a con pass, and just hang out in the artist’s alley, but in the end it was worth it. Within minutes of arriving at the hotel, my friend and I went straight into the Khaotic Combat Musical.  The performance was a mashup of Doctor Who and various anime, cartoon, and video game characters. Some of the fight scenes were cheesy, but it was very entertaining overall. The crowd was moderately rowdy, giggling and singing along, even shouting out to certain characters on stage. I had a nice conversation with the girl sitting to my right, and left the main ballroom feeling excited for the rest of the con….

….until I realized that there wasn’t that much left to see. The artist alley boasted a better selection of artists than Shadocon, but the vendor room left me wanting more. For the first time in seven conventions, I left without buying any merchandise whatsoever.

My friend and I wandered the halls, searching for any panels to drop in on, but discovered that there were seldom few of those, either. We sat to eat lunch, took a few pictures, and left right as the maid cafe was preparing to open. I was surprised to see that there was very little Homestuck cosplay (which had been a huge fandom at Mega) and Hetalia cosplay was on the rise again.

I’ve been spoiled by Megacon and Metrocon, that’s for sure, but Khaotic felt anti-climatic. Shadocon was quite small in its first year, and even in its second year, lacked the panels and vendors that other conventions have, but still had enough going on to keep visitors occupied. Khaotic occupied an even smaller venue than Shado, and seemed to have less attendees as well. (I figured that because of the lack of overflow into outdoor areas- even the main lobby was not full to the brim by a long shot. If too many congoers had attended, the pool and outdoor walkways would have been in more use)

The convention has lots of potential! This con wasn’t advertised as much as I would have expected, and the lack of buzz was reflected in its attendees. Few of the people I know had heard of the event before I threw flyers at them. Once the word gets out more, it can grow, just like Shadocon did.

(no photos because I was closet-cosplaying, and I didn’t take too many pictures of other people. Plus, I don’t have any of their urls to credit them ):)

“I wonder if I hear even the songs I listened to as a kid in a whole different way now?” -“Cherry Bon Bon” by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Well, the past couple weeks have been fairly hectic! since the last time I posted, I made several more squiddles, placed my first order with Bodyline (I’ll post a review here and on livejournal when it arrives, which should be any day now), completed a research paper, and managed to fall even deeper into the Homestuck fandom. I sewed half a skirt, and I just need to gather the bottom piece and attach the waist band before I can wear it! But I may never find the time to at this rate.

This saturday I am attending Khaotic Kon, a small anime convention in its first year! Friday is 4/13 (aka Friday the 13th, aka Homestuck Day) but I’m too busy to fully celebrate. What I will do, however, is cosplay as Matryoshka Gumi at the con.

I don’t feel that I’ll be staying at the hotel long enough to warrant full troll makeup, so I decided to go back to my roots and reuse a crappy party city with to revive one of my earlier costumes. I’ll shed a few layers from the outfit I wore as Karkat in February, since it’ll probably be in the 90s by the weekend, but hopefully the modifications I made for the troll costume will blend nicely with the whole vocaloid look.

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