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A friend suggested No. 6 and showed us the first episode during Anime Club on Monday. Now, on Thursday, I’ve already watched all 11 episodes. ;A; Wahh, I shed a tear or two. The only good thing is I get to relive these emotions reading the manga scanlations and novel translations.

Meanwhile, I’m still waiting on my package from Bodyline.

Also, tomorrow is Homestuck Day!!! I will do absolutely nothing to celebrate beyond read the update and listen to the new album. My schedule is so jam-packed orz.

Friday I have a ton of work to do, but then I get to dress up as Touko/Hilda, and go to a Pokemon party! (I spent all evening today reading Bulbapedia, and creating the perfet TCG deck. Someday I shall blog about my huge Pokemon collection). Saturday is Khaotic Kon, so I switch into my Gumi costume. Yessssss.


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Hair growth progress- As of June 2015- I regularly trim my own bangs and they look amazing- choppy and short. The split ends have ruined lives and murdered small children. I haven't had a proper salon cut since July 2013. I might get a trim of 4ish inches by the end of the summer? I'm lazy.



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