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Posted on: February 3, 2013

I should be doing my research paper right now. I really should. Blarg.


In other news, I’ve been veeeeeery active on tumblr recently. I keep up a personal blog, an Uta~Kata fandom blog, and a fashion blog. I have less and less to say in the form of text posts, so looking at pretty pictures has taken over. It’s not that I don’t like blogging, it’s just that everything seems too personal to type out.


“Hello, myself.
Haven’t we met before?
Goodbye, yourself.
So, want to talk?”

-“iNSANiTY” by matt9five (doofus-P)

Today I wore my new Bodyline dress to school, and got a pretty positive reaction to it. Underclassmen thought it was neat, and some of my anime club friends immediately recognized it as lolita. The only downside was that we had an impromptu lab involving lots of liquids during science, and I had to stand there, extracting DNA in loli. Perfect!

Later, I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a manga (Durara volume 1) and a woman stopped me as I was paying to compliment me. O(≧▽≦)O Good day.

Haha I’m still not finished typing up my Bodyline review….I haven’t even uploaded my pictures yet. I have tomorrow off, so I hope to have it posted here and on EGL by the weekend. (p.s. my username is matryoshkalilly)

Exams start tomorrow! Although the next week will be filled with stress and academics, by next Tuesday, I will be free to tackle my holiday to-do list:

Play Animal Crossing Wild World- I started feeling a bit nostalgic and wanted to start playing this game again. I used to play it for an hour every morning, but stopped after I completely wrecked my file with an action replay code. I’ve already purchased a new (expensive despite it being used) copy to play on my dsi all break.

Work out my various community service projects- on Tuesday I’m working at MetMin and I feel the need to start working on stuff for next June. (gotta plan now or else the canned food drive won’t be quite as organized as I’d lie)

Get to know new people- I just meet a very nice local Homestuck fan, as well as some nice kids at the library. I hope to be able to stay in touch through the new year.

Reconnect with my fandoms! Watch some some anime, catch up with the dvds I bought at cons, and read the Homestuck book!!!

I’m also going to a party~ I bought a gorgeous cream lace dress. I will most definitely be overdressed, but I have a reputation to do so. :)


So, I pretty much can’t wait to chuck all my textbooks out the window and permanently attach myself to the sofa. (it sounds like most people I know will be joining me, too) Anyone else up for a sedentary lifestyle? XD


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