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I attended Shadocon for about three or so hours on Saturday, leaving after the big Homestuck photoshoot. I have to say, attendance was way up from last year, but that raised new issues for the venue. There was more people there than the hotel lobby could hold, so most of us hung outside, around the pool. (Last year, I don’t think that many people went outside)

Also, there was a lack of activities and panels. Two scheduled guests cancelled, the vendor room only had 16 vendors, and artist alley barely had 10 artists. Next year, I probably won’t even bother buying a con pass, and just take photos by the pool instead. The sheer mass of con goers overwhelmed the con staff, and I sincerely hope they move to a bigger hotel or work their way up to a convention center in future years. (Whoops, comic con was the same weekend, took up only local convention center. From what I heard, Shadocon was bigger, though)

Once I settled in and met up with some friends, I started enjoying the con more. We found a huge, EMPTY field behind the hotel, and spend a lot of time out there, avoiding the crowds. At 4:13 pm, I returned to the pool area for the Homestuck meetup.

Gosh! That part was so amazing. It was much more organized than any official part of the con, and I was thrilled to be able to jump into some pictures. We posed for just about every pairing ever mentioned in the fandom. I (Matryoshka Karkat) stood out a lot in the group shots since I was not in a canon outfit, but I received a lot of compliments. :) In total, there were only 3 Matryoshkastuck cosplayers (Me, Bro, and Cal).

I got to talk to my friend, who was dressed as Terezi. (She did a fantastic job on the makeup! She also used gray gloves instead of armsocks, and with yellow fake nails placed just right, they looked pretty realistic) I also got to meet a wonderful Dog-Tier cosplayer named Emily who was coerced into the position of leader of the local Can Town Project! I left before I could find out if we’d still take pictures with the cans, though. I hope next con we can collect waaaaay more cans.

Overall, I think that the amount of organization and thought put into fandom meetups is astounding. I enjoyed the convention very much, and I can’t wait for Holiday Matsuri, if I can make it.

Here’s my costume. I also posted pictures of me and matryoshka Bro and Cal on the tumblr for Matryoshkastuck


I got to work on my costume today. It looks pretty good considering I just started. I tore up a pair of tights and layered them, and tested out some grey face paint I bought at the party goods store. (I own like three different types of paint now. Oops!)

My old Matryoshka jacket needs a lot of work, but I have some design plans already sketched out. I cut my wig, and styled it to go with the hood.

I’m so excited! The Terezi to my Karkat showed me her WIP costume pictures, and her outfit is amazing.

Now all I can do is chip away at my to-do list, enjoying the new October weather! (Ahh~ I love the sudden drop from 80 to 65-70 degrees)

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