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(These guys were great!)

I attended Megacon 2012 on Saturday, and was shocked by how much larger it was than last year. For starters, the vendor room was way more than twice the size it had previously been, which caused problems at the entrance. Instead of having the multiple doors open at the center, like last year, they only had one small door open at the very end of the hallway. Needless to say, security didn’t really check for con passes. For most of the afternoon, I sat at a table down that hallway, and people watched.

I arrived a bit before 10 AM, before the con really started. The minute the vendor room opened, it was already filled with people. This startled me, since on Sunday of 2011, I walked in when it first opened, only to be greeted with a nearly empty convention center.

I spent a good hour or so exploring the vendor room, and managed to run into a friend who was (hesitantly) volunteering, managing a line for autographs. Poor girl. My parents were getting tired, so we left and found a nice table and ate some snacks before taking on the artist alley.

Honestly, I got lost in there. Completely and utterly lost. Later, I found out that one of my favorite webcomics was there, but I sure wasn’t in a position to find them! I wandered a bit more, then left and sat at a table again, pretty much staying in one spot until 4 pm. I saw some amaaaaazing costumes, and I saw some that could have used a little more effort. The most popular costumes this year seemed to be from My Little Pony: FiM, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Kiki’s Delivery service, and steampunk coords. I’m sure the costumes became more diverse and adult the later it became, but I didn’t get to stay too long. It seems that steampunk is rising in popularity!

I didn’t attend any panels this year, surprisingly. (Especially after being IN the costume contest last year, and hanging around the panel rooms a bunch) There didn’t seem to be that many at all, and I had already missed the X Japan and H.Naoto panel (Grrrr! Friday only!)

The cool part was meeting up with other Homestuck fans. A tad before 4, I ran over to the meetup area. I saw a ton of great costumes, from Runawaystuck Dave to Bunnygirl Gamzee (Ahhh! So cute!). There were a whole group of Ancestors, God Tiers, and AUs. The most popular new character seemed to be Roxy.

I wanted to stay for the whole photoshoot, but my parents wanted to leave (bluh….my ride home). At first, we were inside the convention center, away from the rest of the crowd, but apparently something else was coming in that space next (I saw a private photoshoot for like 3 people in there, setting up), so hundreds (according to the lovely lady running the meetup, there were 300 Homestucks that attended) of people had to get up and move in a mass exodus. I had mixed feelings, as my wig was slipping off, my makeup melting, and my patience wavering. Between dashes to the bathroom to fix my wig cap and two head bands (horns, matryoshka), I followed the herd to……..the outdoor smoking area.

That’s right, we were brought to a small outdoor area, complete with a charging gold cart and smokers, who really didn’t want to move. The leaders tried to cram us into the space as neatly as possible, avoiding blocking any doors, and hopefully keeping the security guards from approaching us. This utter chaos was the final straw for me. My mom was annoyed, urging me to leave already, and I knew that my costume looked sweaty and less photogenic then it did hours before, so I reluctantly left after staring in the first Karkat group shot. (I laid down on the ground in front of the group :3)

I feel bad because I had to skip the Can Town Project, run by Brittany, but I really had no choice. In the end, I had a great time, however.

(Total loot: 4 mangas, 1 KERA magazine, 1 free Hetalia poster, a ton a cool photos.)


I spent all day working on my Karkat costume for next week :) I chose new socks to replace my torn black tights, and sewed new felt onto the jacket. I have a men’s black t-shirt, hemmed and ready to be painted. All I need is to add some finishing touches and practice applying my new makeup. This costume is going to look so much better than the older version I wore at Shadocon!

Then, the fun ended and I realized that I had lab background questions, primary source analysis, and Latin gerund/gerundive/why can’t we just use participles sentences to translate, in addition to my ~research paper~ (Gahhh! Annotated bibliography due Friday and I haven’t finalized my topic!)

My mom made my day, however, with an early Valentine’s Day card. She made it herself, using Karkat sprites. (Her scrapbooking friends apparently looked on as she made it, feeling veeeeery confused) I laughed so hard!

Today was my first day working at the state fair. After my shift, I walked around the whole fair in my 1890s clothing :)

Next week is Megacon! I’m going to attend on Saturday as Matryoshka Karkat (with some variations from my Shadocon costume). I finally tracked down some Ben Nye, and have fixed issues that popped up last time.

The Can Town project for Megacon is going to be great! I just can’t wait to meet everybody ;A;

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