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This is part 5! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4) **SPOILERS AHEAD**

This is not only a fantastic book, but the exact book I needed. Written in the last 1970s (published 1982), this book predates all of the novels I have read thus far. Despite its age, it feels just so modern. Unless I checked the copyright date, I might have thought it was written in the last five years. But, its early publication also lends it great dignity and history. An interview with the author at the back of the book discusses the plight and growing liberation of lgbt teens and adults throughout the years and the author’s own experiences coming out into a less than ideal environment. (It’s really inspiring to read)

It features two young high school girls discovering their growing attraction for one another while also realizing the difficulty in articulating their desires and coping with the harsh obstacles sent their way.

You may have seen this book on tumblr book lists before, proudly referred to as a lesbian book with a happy ending. I spend all my time reading fearing for when shit was going to hit the fan, for when their world would come crashing down. I was so pleasantly surprised and relived when I reached the ending.

If you are grasping for something happy, with good representation and fun writing, here you go. It has a not so discreet cover (The title and the smiling girls on the cover rather reveal its subject matter), but whether that means you try an ebook, audiobook, or book cover, PLEASE PLEASE read this book.



Welcome to Part 4 (part 1, part 2, part 3)

This book is different from the previous three in that those were LGBT Books, in the sense that the main conflict is somebody being non straight, non cis, and/or gender nonconforming. They focus solely on the struggle of being LGBTQIA and little else, and tend to take place in a school setting.

This book is a short fantasy novel that happens to have a boatload of diverse, interesting characters, with moments of introspection and discussions of sexuality. It is rich, with great world building. Post-apocalyptic LA sets the stage for a loosy-goosy, quite creative retelling of Odysseus. That being said, a little prerequisite knowledge of the myth as well as a suspension of belief and need for rationality help out. It will take you on an adventure so long as you don’t try to muddle over the details quite so literally. (I am a very literal person)

It’s only downfall, in my opinion, is its brevity. Luckily, the author has plenty more for you to check out.

Would recommend

Part 2 (Part 1) **SPOILERS AHEAD** I don’t seem to know how to write without spoilers, oopsies

This novel feels more honest and accurate to the ways of teenagers, relying less on ABC Family channel stereotypes than Difference Between You and Me (Part 3).

Still, two things are like what??

1. Even if they are suddenly bffs why is Sebastian outing Grady to people he personally hasn’t worked up the guts to talk to yet? Grady even remarks that Sebstian seemed to be running the show. its very skeevy that he does stuff behind Grady’s back, even though the book glosses over it.

2. So the first thing Grady does after coming out is…lust after a girl who is in a relationship, letting Sebastian egg him on and watch from the sidelines waiting for a breakup, in order for his chance to swoop in?? It comes out of nowhere (and this is not meant as a complaint about Grady modifying his behavioral patterns to better suit his personality or gender, or reinventing himself, or any other teenage exploration. But Kita is not your rite of passage. )

Buuut then the second half resolves most of the growing issues and ties everything off with a very…Disney Channel original movie-esque silly scene.  Just as it was getting deeper, it seemed to be running out of pages and reaching a feel-good ending seemed to be the priority.

Overall, it is very refreshing as my second read of the LGBT summer book list, and the writing flows well and is very pleasing. It doesn’t shy away from showing the absolute worst in those in Grady’s life, but still bounces back to some (Over the top after a while but often on point) humor~ meaning like the Christmas house drama.

Would rec!!

Hey! This is a thing I’m trying out. I love lgbt YA titles so I’ve collected my thoughts here and there, and felt like sharing! First up is Pink ***SPOILERS AHEAD***

I liked this one! The whole “bi girls always cheat” trope was prevalent, but slightly less so than other books. By the time Ava was saying “Oh, I still like girls but I wanted to like boys too and I don’t fit in anywhere” type lines I wanted to gently float down from the heavens, singing angelically that Bisexuality and Pansexuality exist. But no, this is YA fiction world where the b and p words are evil and must be avoided at all costs.


The characters were hilarious yet flawed and everything tied up nicely in the end. It had good, honest dialogue.

I’m so sick of books that paint feminists as whiny, annoying and ignorant pains, constantly misusing terminology and (in this book’s case) being corrected by enlightened males. Whether its Ava’s family, Ava, or Chloe, or Jesse from The Diff. between you and me, I’m seeing this trend where feminist awareness is incorporated into these novels via female protags being unbearably wrong and needing correction.

Overall, Pink is entertaining and worth a read! It clocks in with 3 (count em, 3!) named lesbian characters and 2 gay characters, which is already more than other LGBTQIA YA books.

I’m sorry I waited so long to post this. I wanted to wait until my new blouse arrived to take pictures of the completed outfit for the review.

At Metrocon, I went to their booth in the vendors’ room, and bought a skirt. I had seen it before on their etsy site, and fell in love. When I saw it, I knew I wanted to own it! The only problem was it was much too large on me!

I was so glad to hear they could custom alter the skirt for me. I returned the next day to pick it up, and checked out the (now) perfect fit.

I was really impressed! The skirt is very soft, and the details are nice. The skirt is slightly longer than my best petti, but is not too heavy for the petti to hold up.

I replaced the main button on the waistband to a button that matched the removable waist tie buttons better, but made no other changes.

Construction- 5/5

Customer service/communication 5/5

I definitely will buy from them again! (Especially because they’re local yay!)

(skirt shown with completely deflated Bodyline petti and English Charm blouse)

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