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Alternatively titled: I almost went to the wrong hotel.

So I had everything planned out- my con schedule included walking downtown to get food and everything, since I thought it was at the downtown Hilton. Got a phone call around 8 in the morning that it was actually at a local Hyatt up the road. So there I was, curling my hair, and desperately calling and texting everyone I knew about the correct location. Yikes. Well, my hair ended up looking like limp noodles but everyone made it there ok so success.


(My clothes say Lolita but my eyes say help)

Now, this year’s hotel was hella ritzy. Right on the coast with a boardwalk right to the water. Expensive restaurant. Main lobby that was under construction? Yep. It made the hallways awfully hard to navigate. We walked in circles before just planting ourselves on a couch and people watching.

Downstairs was the registration line and a hallway leading to one staircase and the line for main events. Upstairs was a narrow hallway leading to artist alley, the two panel rooms, and two video game rooms. I also think autograph signing was up there? But the main celebrity panels were downstairs. One video game room had tvs set up with games like Skullgirls and a DDR machine and…..PROJECT DIVA!!! I played a few songs…mainly BRS.


The next room over was full of PCs with games preloaded….League of Legends, TF2, etc… Plus it had a screen where they were viewing amvs.

Now, you may be wondering “But where is the vendor room?” Well. Not even remotely inside the hotel, but rather in a giant tent in a parking lot behind it. Thank goodness there was air-conditioning and fans inside!! It was pretty nasty hot, the usual early October-remnants-of-September-weather


(You guys act like you’ve never organized a con before)

Somehow, I did not spend a single cent in the vendor’s room. I did not buy anything beyond my ticket all day.

Popular costumes this year were SNK, Free!, and the dingle romps (Dangan Ronpa). BUT there also was an increase in Scott Pilgrims, quite a few lolitas, and the usual homestucks (mainly promstuck). My favorite costumes were this one amazing Mew Ichigo and a great guro Lolita. I was wandering around with a good-sized Homestuck group (Rose, GT John, Roxy, Bro, Dave, GT Jade, John) so that’s where I gravitated. I even saw a few Sgt. Frogs…


(the main hallway at about 11am)

Now obviously the con center was water fountains, but I thought it was nice that Shado was water coolers and cups placed in the hallways as usual. The only food option was outside (I brought subway so I never went out there). In past years they’ve done this too but this year it was really convenient.

My panel went well, as usual…I still have a few things to smooth out, and I freaking left my notes in the room *cries* but I had a bunch of fun and I think the audience enjoyed it decently.



After about 4, however, we got bored and left to go to the local International Mall, where we ran into many con people. Going to public spaces in cosplay is always fun.



(I try to remain neutral in my discussion of each convention, but this time I am making more personal comments, mostly because a large portion of my circle of friends attended for once)

Can I just start off by praising whomever decided to switch venues this year? I’m so proud of cute little baby Shadocon, making its way into the big leagues. The old hotel in Brandon was much too small, although I hear it has been renovated since. (I’ll say more about that when I hit Khaotic Kon this spring) Even at the fancy downtown hotel, I think that in a year or two it may move into the convention center for a new home. Attendance just seems to be going up!

Saturday was more crowded than I anticipated. For the most part, I hung out on a balcony near the escalators and people-watched. I went with four friends and we were constantly getting split up, so that became our meeting place. At first I was disoriented, as I was not used to this hotel. There was a narrow hallway branching off into the two panel rooms, and then the artist alley and a door to the vendors room. The vendors room was bigger than last year, but still pressed for space. The walkways were quite narrow, so I was glad to see that the room was near empty Sunday morning so that I could take more photos.

Popular costumes included Homestuck trolls, a huge revival of Hetalia (in part due to multiple Hetalia rp panels), comic book heroes, and Doctor Who characters. There was one Wreck it Ralph group, and quite a few Slendermen. I saw maybe five lolitas in two days? Somehow, there was a Nezumi and a Shion as well! My favorite was one Spiller cosplayer.

On Saturday, two of my friends were participating in a Doctor Who Q&A panel, and on Sunday I hosted a panel giving a brief intro to Japanese street fashion. Both ran smoothly and I took lots of photos. My panel went so well, in fact, that I am already planning out hosting another panel at Metrocon. My friends attended, and one of them really helped me out, asking all the right questions to keep the discussion flowing.


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