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Part 2 of my review of my new petticoat. I ordered a Classical Puppets A-line petticoat (either I or III, I can’t remember)

Construction- 5/5

Very soft lining and many layers of fluffy material. It’s so poofy!! It’s almost too big to fit under my older skirts. Waistband fits perfectly (I’m 26inches at waist) Unlike other pettis, this one does not itch at all. The price reflects the poof you get- worth the splurge! Don’t bother with cheaper pettis (like I did), just do straight for this one or any of the other Classical Puppets petticoats.


Poof straight out of the bag!!

Without petti (body line skirt)

With petti


5/5/13- sent first email at noon regarding the petticoat, asked a few questions about shipping

5/6/13- 8am received response, answers to questions, and order form.

Filled out form and sent back later that day. Order confirmed

5/7/13- payment made

5/8/13- payment received, confirmed

5/9/13- received email that petti was at sorter center, got tracking information and links, and a picture of the package.

5/21/13- package arrived!

Any blunders made in this process was entirely by me- I sent some extra emails just because I was in the process of setting up my brand new paypal account, and had been having issues with transactions (all solved now!!)

Communication- 5/5

For my first time using a shopping service, everything went sooo smoothly. Martin was very helpful, answered all questions, and overall made the process very easy.

Time- 5/5

16 days from first email to getting the petti. The Clobbaoonline website says that it takes like 25+ days to manufacture, but I guess they already had some in stock. (It is a commonly used petti) Very pleased, I ordered it for my birthday but don’t actually need it until July.

Packaging- 5/5


Very snug fit, I was worried about cutting the fabric by accident. Boy, I was wrong. Petti is in a small plastic bag, which was wrapped in bubble wrap, which was then wrapped in another bag. Very sturdy. The petti is very poofy coming straight out of such tight packing, I’m surprised.

The bubble wrap itself smelled terrible (can’t explain it, but it was baaaad), but the petti has no scent.

Be sure to come back for part 2…..the quality of the petticoat itself….

(I don’t have time at the moment to try it on and take comparison pictures….)

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