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This book feels like those emo icons from myspace came to life and wrote a manuscript. Gothy goth emo tim burton hot topic fan Brynn hates the Popular Kids and also conveniently has pink hair. Prepster girly girl blonde cheerleader bully Cassidy hates all unpopular kids. But in a matter of pages, and one group assignment later, they suddenly are making out in their bedrooms. Yup.

I was drawn to this book because of a (sub)plot about Cassidy coming from a line of witches and her struggle accepting that reality and harnessing her powers. 75 pages in (out of 158 in my ebook copy) Cassidy’s witch status has barely merited more than a paragraph or two of text.

I hate to describe a teen-oriented work as vapid, but this book truly refuses to step outside ultra generic goth vs. cheerleader stereotypes and bad high school setting clichés. The lack of understanding and judgements of Brynn and Cassidy are not resolved or evolved in a cohesive fashion- it’s 0 to 100 really fast, and suddenly the ~sexy bits~ feel a bit too….out of nowhere for two teens in their first lesbian relationship.

Bottom line: I really wanted to like this, but I will never finish reading this book. It’s not worth waiting for the ending (Witch powers finally arrive? The couple continues to make out save for a hiccup here and there because of familial homophobia? Brynn teaches her emo friend to accept blondes and Cassidy accepts goths?)


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