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What is Lolita?

~ I only consider this page necessary because of the fuss I’ve seen on other blogs, but not once have I gotten a message regarding this subject. I typed this explanation long ago, back when I was still a newbie. By now, I’ve run a panel about this subject. If I had my slideshow and an hour to tell it to you, I’d get the point across better haha. ~

Lolita fashion is a street fashion that originated in Japan decades ago. Although there are many takes on the fashion to follow, it is mostly characterized by poofy, bell-shaped skirts. Some examples of Lolita substyles are Sweet, Gothic, Hime, Sailor, Classic, and Casual.

The biggest misconception of the fashion is based on its name. The clothing may share a name with a novel/movie notorious for lusting after a young girl, but that does NOT mean that Lolitas are “sexual deviants” who are “trying to please pedophiles” or “re-enact their childhoods by wearing childish clothes.” (To be honest, beyond Sweet Lolita, the style can be quite sophisticated and mature) With the exception of Ero Lolita, there is no underlying sexual theme. In fact, many shirts and dresses have extremely high necklines, and generally skirts should fall to at least the knee or longer. A petticoat and/or bloomers would also be worn under skirts. There really shouldn’t be a “sexiness” to the look, in the current sense of the term.

Often Lolita is referenced in anime, or even in real life (like in “sexy” Halloween costumes). These may not be accurate to the style, and often may lead to major misconceptions. If you ever want to learn more about Lolita fashion, do not go google it; unrelated material will pop up. Try searching blogging websites, using search terms beyond the word Lolita, like “street styles” or a specific substyle.

Resources for further learning:


loli library





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